Are you Looking to Recruit in the Tightest hiring Market ever?


In previous years candidates would be ghosted by prospective employers. Now the tables have turned, and in the candidate-led market, candidates are ghosting employers.

Reasons Why Your Candidates might be Ghosting You:

  • Many people were out of work in 2020 due to the pandemic. Therefore, they have found a job since then, and it's too early to move. It's a bit like the domino or ripple effect.
  • People have been forced to revaluate their lifestyles since the pandemic. Being out of work meant they needed to reduce their monthly costs and realised they could manage to live on a lot less money, which meant they could find jobs in a less volatile industry. Therefore, we have lost a lot of talented fashion people, and quite a few of our candidates went to work for the NHS.
  • The over 50's have moved out of London to buy more affordable houses and become mortgage free to retire early (Over 1.3 million people planned to retire early during the pandemic). 
  • The fashion industry is tactile due to anything from choosing fabrics and racking up garments, so many fashion roles cannot be carried out from home. Many candidates only want fully remote or hybrid work when looking for their next position, so many roles in the industry, unfortunately, are hard to fill.
  • People have become slow-moving when looking for a new role, as they know that companies are all competing for the same candidates, so they don't need hard to try to find a new position. Therefore, it takes an average of six reach-outs to engage with a candidate before discussing a role.
  • Candidates ask the same three questions before they are even interested in a role: Remote Working, Salary, and Brand (in that order). They are looking to work from home three days a week and an extra 10k to move jobs. We had a role the other day, four days working from home and one day in the office, where our candidate asked if there was any flexibility on the one day in the office.
  • Companies know how hard it is to replace staff, so they have reviewed their current staff's salaries and offered them remote-working contracts and pay rises to make them stay.
  • Many counteroffers are happening, so people are not wanting to change jobs and just use the recruitment process as a bargaining tool to get more money from their current company. Last week one of our candidates received a counteroffer of 10k.
  • There is too much noise in the fashion industry makes it hard to attract candidates.
  • Candidates have a choice and are calling the shots.


We know how important it is to stay engaged with fashion industry professionals and have successfully encountered and retained an excellent solid candidate base over the years. Therefore, why not collaborate with Karen Collier Careers, which has a reputation for successfully placing people in the correct positions due to attracting high-calibre candidates. 


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