Black Female Founders Who Are Inspiring Women

They are brave, they are bold, and they are amazing!

Last night I was super privileged to spend an hour and a half at Soho Farmhouse with four inspirational black female founders, giving an honest talk about the struggles and wins they have had while setting up their creative businesses.

Adwoa Owusu-Darko

Mini's World is a brand that encompasses the vision that sustainability, creative imagination, and positive impact behavior are integral to shaping the world of eco-fashion. This is achieved through sustainable e-commerce, while combined with coaching others on how to build their own brand, breaking boundaries, creative exploration, and entrepreneurial astuteness that can expand into all creative avenues professionally and personally. This is the 'Mini Big Mentality'. This is Mini’s world.


Jasmine Douglas

I grew up with low self-confidence, low self-esteem & internalised racism- often being the only WOC in any environment I was in. Now I'm on a mission to create a world where all women can make their dreams a reality, and for other women to back them all the way.

'Babes on Waves' is a first-of-its-kind online platform & business community that does just that- with a special emphasis on Black women & WOC. Our community is a majority space by us, for us, with our members being the next generation of diverse business leaders. Together we're changing the face of entrepreneurship and making great friends as we do it.

*If you care about credentials* then I won Innovate UK's Young Innovator's Award, Unltd’s Social Entrepreneurship Award and was Highly Commended in Tech Round's 50 Under 50 BAME Entrepreneurs in 2020.


Josephine Philips

Our mission is to do our part in making the fashion industry more sustainable. We are a FashionTech company that connects customers with local Seamster's through our App and pick-up/delivery service- to ensure people can get their clothes altered or repaired with a few simple clicks. Our mission is to take the hassle away from repairing your clothes by making an alteration service that is easy and effortless for the customer. Our service aims to lessen sizing restrictions when second-hand shopping, so customers won't have to compromise on fit whilst shopping sustainably. We want to incentivise people to fix their clothes instead of sending them to landfill in an effort to promote a circular economy.


Swakara Atwell-Bennett

Swakara Atwell-Bennett is the founder and CEO of BetterShared, the leading global art marketplace for some of today's most exciting emerging artists from Africa and the diaspora.

Frustrated by the fact that African and Caribbean artists were largely underrepresented in the art world, London-based Swakara wanted to create a platform that accurately represented black artists. She launched Bettershared in 2016, enabling up-and-coming artists from the African diaspora to showcase and sell their work at scale. Today BetterShared is home to more than 200 talented artists, from 14 countries worldwide.

Praised for her innovation and contribution to the UK's fast-growing startup scene Swakara has been named in TechRound’s #BAME50Under50. She has also been described as ‘a leader with a social heart’ by the Dots. Swakara is passionate about diversifying and democratising the arts. In addition to running BetterShared, Swakara helps artists market and monetise their creativity, through online training, courses, and workshops.


Thank you so much ladies, you are all amazing!!


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