Failure Doesn’t Exist; it is Only a Change of Direction

A couple of years ago, I decided I wanted to start running. I wanted to do it the right way, so I hired a personal trainer who specialised in running. Three months later, I was not getting anywhere, and I felt like a total failure. It was not the personal trainer’s fault, as they had a fantastic reputation. They also had lots of long-standing clients, but knowing this made me feel even more of a failure, so in the long run (excuse the pun), I totally gave up on exercise and resided to myself that maybe I am just not that sporty.

Then COVID 19 happened, and like everyone else, to keep fit during the lockdown, I decided to start cycling. My husband Richard is an amateur professional, and until we went cycling together, I did not know that right under my nose was a brilliant cycling trainer. I quickly realised that I loved cycling, and with the help of my husband’s aid, I was achieving 38-mile rides within three months. Then yesterday, with only a week’s warning and no time to train, I completed a 65-mile bike ride and raised just under £800 for Helen Rollason Cancer Charity.

I wanted to share this achievement with you, as it made me realise that the original path I was taking lead me to nowhere, and what I should have done was to stop and choose another way because failure doesn’t exist; it is only a change of direction.

My funding page is still open if you have some spare pennies to help this fantastic charity.