Negative news can damage a brand's reputation and its ability to recruit talent

A recruitment agency will sell your brand to the right candidate

The fog is lifting. Retail has come back more vibrant and there has never been a better time to use a specialist recruitment agency, to help brands hire the right people, as the retail job market is more competitive than ever when advertising for retail head office roles.

Last year it was candidate heavy, but this year there are so many more retail head office vacancies and not enough available skilled workers, which is causing retailers to fight for the same candidates. Unfortunately for some retail brands, have had a lot of bad press due to the pandemic, and job seekers are now in positions, where they can weigh up the pros and cons of each company before applying for a job.

A recent study reported that a high number of job seekers are thinking about how well a company is performing, company culture, career progression, company benefits, staff discounts, flexible working hours, and working from home when looking for their next placement. This is making the retail job market more competitive than ever.

This is where a specialist recruiter can help, as they can reach out to candidates, and highlight the companies’ core business values, company culture, benefit’s and what positive internal changes they have made to make the business more profitable. It is because information can only come from the inside of the business and is not something that can be written on an advert or will be read in a newspaper, the bad press will always dominate the headlines.


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