Is doing your own recruitment worth it?

Many brands are now doing their own in-house recruitment to cut down on costs and have stopped using a specialised recruitment agency, but short-term gains can lull us into long-term losses, as too often we lose money in favour of cost-cutting.

I have been on both sides of the coin. Ten years in recruitment, and previously I worked for brands employing staff; I know too well that there are many advantages when using a specialist recruiter.

Here are four of them:

1. Irrelevant Applicants

When in-house recruiters advertise themselves, they will encourage lots of responses and receive heaps of irrelevant curriculum vitae, many of which are inexperienced, unsuitable candidates. They will then have to divert their attention away from their day to day work to review each one and respond accordingly, leading to considerable downtime in their business, especially when workforces are already overstretched.

2. Time Consuming

Finding the right candidate can be time-consuming. We know this too well at Karen Collier Careers as we spend a lot of time getting to know our candidate’s skill set, personality, and exactly what role they would like. We meet all our candidates when possible, or we speak to them on the video link. We also carry out two business references on them before we will even send their curriculum vitae to our clients.

In-house resources may not have the time to be as thorough as an external recruiter can, as they will be doing their day job simultaneously. There are no short cuts to getting it right. We know being meticulous works, as we have only had one candidate back on our books in ten years who did not work out due to our methodical approach. We are confident our candidates will have longevity giving clients that all-important employee retention.

3. Digging Deeper

While in-house recruiters are going through a pile of irrelevant CVs or having them reviewed by AI software, it is very easy to quickly scan through them and potentially miss the perfect candidate quickly. We have often had candidates contact us to say they have already applied directly for the same role we have on our books but did not hear back from the company. However, when they go through us, a lot of the time, they get the job. We are very open with our clients that our candidate had already applied for the role directly. However, they are still content to pay us the fee as they say they would never have been able to dig as deep as us to see their potential, and that’s why their application was missed or overlooked by the automated system. You cannot get to know a person just from a flat piece of paper; you must explore more, which is our job; we are doing this all day long.

4. Lack of Feedback 

Due to time limitations, it is tempting for the in-house recruiter not to respond to each applicant, displeasing candidates. Experience tells us that not getting any feedback is one of the most annoying things for job seekers. Don’t forget that if they apply to a particular brand, they are probably already one of their customers; therefore, no feedback can damage the brand image. We can go back to all our candidates, protecting our client’s reputation.

So next time you have a vacancy, do not think about doing it yourself. Engage a specialist fashion recruiter. You will not regret it. 

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