1. Make sure you commit to a recruitment agency that represents your industry; it will shorten the full-cycle of the recruitment process.
  2. Remember this service is free to the candidate; make sure you adopt the right approach to the recruiter.
  3. Communicate clearly with the recruiter; it will help them to understand what’s important to you when you’re looking for your next role.
  4. Check your contact details are correct on your curriculum vitae; you will be amazed how many curriculum vitae are received with an incorrect email address or telephone number.
  5. Provide a link to your online portfolio or social media profiles.
  6. A recruiter will want to identify if you have the right personality fit for a company; they will focus on 50% skills and 50% personality.  Focus on the person behind the paper and make sure your personality traits stand out; they are just as important as skills.
  7. When you have a face to face meeting with a recruiter, make sure you arrive on time and wear an outfit which you would normally wear to an interview. They will be checking to see how you will represent yourself, when they send you to interviews.
  8. Follow up with the recruiter at reasonable intervals to see how the process is going; they will appreciate a call from you.
  9. If you find your own placement; update the recruiter; you never know when you may need them again.