Today, as workers progressively shift away from a standard 9-to-5 salaried day to embrace the rising world of flexible working hours, is proving a challenge for companies to find the right permanent candidates. However, independent workers are highly attractive professionals; by using a freelancer or contractor means you will be able to fill unpredicted openings quickly and with the right expertise. A vast majority of flexible workers are teamed with knowledge, training, and readiness to make changes for the next challenge. Companies who can quickly adapt to change will have the upper hand. Therefore, this could be the perfect choice to move many businesses through their current period of finding the right talent.  The independent work trend is one we can expect to continue through 2018.

Below are 8 reasons why it makes great business sense to hire a Freelancer or Contractor:

  1. A huge majority of flexible workers are in their middle to late careers and are more likely to be highly educated and skilled;
  2. Flexible workers have the ability to understand and adapt quickly;
  3. Flexible workers are one of the most important drivers of change;
  4. Flexible workers are always motivated to perform an excellent job and fast. They fully understand that it’s to their best interest that they remain reliable and exceed your expectations;
  5. Flexible workers gather lots of experience from working with a range of different businesses. Each client or job adds more experience to their craft, bringing more skills to your industry. Your business stands to gain from all that immense experience;
  6. Flexible workers are accustomed to hitting the ground running, you will still need to clearly outline the work parameters clearly as well as your expectations but you won’t have to explain everything or train them;
  7. Flexible workers are often focused on improving their work-life balance, as well as looking after their health and wellbeing, which creates outstanding positively on productivity; and
  8. Your business can conveniently work with a Freelancer or Contractor on a need basis, saving the company money in many different ways.


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