Business is getting ever more competitive and the fashion business is no different. In fact, it’s one of the most competitive industries in the UK which means securing the right talent is crucial to any business that wants to grow and continually be successful. Whilst fashion remains one of the most popular industries to work in, with thousands of people trying to get into the industry every year, that doesn’t mean that quality candidates are easy to come by. In fact, many businesses are finding it harder and harder every year to secure the right staff with the key skills, qualifications and experience to drive their business forward.

As well as a shortage of the very best talent, one of the key problems is that many businesses in the fashion industry are still doing recruitment in-house. Now of course, as recruiters, we’re going to think that using a specialist fashion recruitment agency is the best

course of action. But the fact is, for most businesses, it simply doesn’t make sense to do their own recruitment.


 Imagine the time you’re wasting

Have you ever actually calculated the amount of time that it takes for you to do your own recruitment? Here’s a typical example:

  • Firstly, you have to write a job description. You might already have one, but is it fit for purpose? If not, you’ll have to update the one that you have.
  • Next you need to write your recruitment advert. Your job really needs to stand out, so you need something that engages your target candidates. Simply using a job description as your advert isn’t going to do this. This can take some time to get right if you don’t know what you’re doing.
  • Where are you going to advertise the job? Which job board? Do you know the one(s) that your ideal applicants are using?
  • Wait for applications
  • Sift through applications and shortlist suitable applicants
  • Arrange the first round of interviews
  • First round of interviews
  • Shortlist candidates for the next round of interviews
  • Arrange the second round of interviews
  • Second round of interviews
  • Have meeting to discuss the final shortlist of candidates
  • Make a job offer
  • Wait for candidate to work out their notice
  • New candidate starts


All of this could easily take three months, six if it’s a more senior candidate with a longer notice period. It also assumes that the candidate that you choose takes up your offer. If not, you could have to start the process again.

Imagine the money you’re wasting too…

How much is it costing you being without a key member of your team for this long? Utilising a specialist fashion recruiter can speed up the recruitment process significantly. With a live database of highly qualified and experienced candidates actively looking for a new role, we can have a selection of candidates that fit even the most demanding of criteria on your desk often within a matter of days.

Remember also, that all of the time you are engaged in recruiting, you are without a key member of your business. How much is that costing you and your business? When you look at it like this, engaging a specialist fashion recruiter isn’t a cost, it’s actually a very savvy investment.


Do you know what the best thing is?

You get to get on with what you are good at. Every minute that you spend writing job adverts or job descriptions, working out which job board to use for sifting through a pile of CVs is time that you could be better spent doing what you do best. Fashion is one of the UK’s most competitive industries. That means you need you and your key people doing what they do best, not being side lined by the hard graft of recruitment.

So next time you have a vacancy, don’t think about doing it yourself. Engage a specialist fashion recruiter like Karen Collier Careers.

You won’t regret it.

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