Last week a candidate called me to say that they had been applying for jobs but keep being told that they are overqualified? When I was made redundant in 2008, during a recession from my Technical Managers’ role, I knew there would be far fewer managers roles available, so I applied for a mid-level position instead.

My husband had a decent salary, so I was not motivated by money, the brand and the product drove me. I was also happy to take a step back from the challenges that came with being a manager. However, no one would even interview me, and the feedback from recruitment agencies was that I was overqualified. It was very frustrating for me, as I knew that I would do a fantastic job with my experience.

I know companies are concerned that if the candidate’s skills and expertise have already exceeded what the job requires, they think they will get bored and quit, but in most cases, this is not the case. So, whenever I get this feedback on one of my candidates from a client, I feel the need to challenge them for the candidate’s sake and the client’s benefit, as they could be missing out on a superstar candidate.