It’s been a funny old time in the last few months; we have been thrown in from sometimes working at home to always working from home. Social distancing, home-working, and increased confidence in technology use mean that the workplace setting has undoubtedly changed.

The creative industry was already adaptable to change, as they are so used to having a to-do list the night before, which goes out of the window by 9 am the next day or having to work from hotels when on buying trips. However, before COVID-19, we were an industry where we were not quite technology-ready. Still, it’s been great to watch the creative industry embrace it for the first time, as not having vital communication tools online to use is not an excuse anymore.

While many employees are longing the buying office environment, they have also experienced the benefits of more time at home and have new demands around flexibility. ‘Normal’ will continue to change over the next few years, and we will need to be prepared to work from the office, from home or anywhere else – based on the brand’s needs.

Wherever your office is, welcome back to work! Let us make it a brand new start for the fashion industry!