Otway & Orford – luxury silk pocket squares with a difference



We have just ‘cut the ribbon’ on a new men’s accessories brand called Otway & Orford, offering for sale online luxury silk pocket squares with a difference.

The aim is to create a new tradition in pocket squares. They are created in the home of English silk printing before being finished the traditional way, by hand-rolling and hand-sewing the edges of the pocket squares.

The ‘new’ in our tradition comes from taking a dramatically different approach to the design. We have collaborated with some of the finest artists of dynamic and colourful aviation, automotive, and sporting art to produce vibrant and elegant silk pocket squares. They are unique and are perfect for today’s changing men’s style.

The motivation for setting up Otway & Orford was around keeping men stylish and in a way that is personal to the wearer. Men’s formal style has been becoming less formal, accelerated by working from home during the pandemic. The pocket square is an opportunity to bring back a colourful & stylish finishing touch, formerly the province of the tie, but in a less restrictive and easier, more relaxed way. The mixing of home and work life this year highlights the growing importance of the personal in men’s style. There aren’t many opportunities for men to express themselves in their accessorizing, but the pocket square can do this, and that’s why Otway & Orford have created designs featuring perennial men’s favourites (including the Spitfire and popular sports such as motor racing, rugby, football, cricket, and racing) that actually mean something to a wearer.

Christmas gifting provides an opportunity to develop this trend and spread a little personal style in 2021, whether on a Zoom call or hopefully back in the office and around town.

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