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The vision was created from my experiences and technical knowledge in this industry over the years – combined with a passion to produce the best. Witnessing the products advancement’s from the top companies, I felt they weren’t fast enough for me and my clients.

I knew more could be being done.

That’s when I wanted a deeper involvement in the direction of the industry and the products available.

Inspired by the positive changes in people – that I have personally been a part of – and teaming up with the leading manufacturer’s in the industry – I am excited to announce ‘Michael Roberts Collection – Limited Editions’

The very first in designer hairwear.

The influences for this upcoming collection are the Silvers/Grey’s/Whites inspired by the latest collections of my favourite designers.

I have created 5 designer styles in Limited Edition colours.


The washing and conditioning of a hair system can be a daunting and lengthy process. Having used many products specific to this task, they were all too heavy and thick – meaning they were hard to disperse in water.

We needed an effective lightweight solution that didn’t take a long time to rinse out.

After researching the best methods for a lightweight mixture which offered a deep clean, we concluded that a more liquid based, foaming shampoo and conditioner would achieve much better results and minimal cleansing time. Our products have been developed to ensure less residue build up on the knots which can affect the natural shape of the hair systems/extensions.

We have also created a nourishing daily fragrance spray, the first of its kind.

We are extremely proud to have designed and manufactured these products completely in the U.K. Our shampoos, conditioners and beautiful nourishing hair fragrances are simple enough for anyone to use, whilst still ensuring a professional finish.

Please watch out for us when we launch Q1 2019.

For business/stock/ordering related enquiries please contact us at realteamroberts@yahoo.com