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Today, B2B sales represent, if not absolutely, a big percentage of the total revenue for most Premium & Niche Fashion Brands, making it necessary to have a strong B2B marketing strategy towards their retailers, distributors, and boutiques. Of course, there are traditional B2B marketing tools like fairs, which have been providing since years a space to showcase brand’s new collections to current and potential clients. But what happens out of the “fairs periods”? How do fashion brands connect and stay in touch with their retailers and newly acquired ones?

The today premium brands and even their sales partners have realized that in the B2B segment “speed or rather the lack of speed” has become a major issue. In such a fast-changing industry, speed and adaptation have become unavoidable whilst today’s communication tools have become more time-consuming and are rather non-productive. We firmly believe that Lys.Fashion is the answer to the above-mentioned challenges for premium fashion brands and retailers. During the development of the Lys.Fashion Web App and its features, we’ve taken into account both, brands’ and retailers’ current pain points in combination with the best-case practices of today’s most successful visual solutions. As a result, we created a Visual B2B Channel where fashion retailers can stay up-to-date and interact (like, bookmark and swipe images) with their favourite brands’ products in a visual and fun way; and for brands to obtain insights regarding their products performance, manage private collections, position their brand visually among other selected brands, get feedback on prototypes, among many other things. In simple words, the perfect way to get the most out of the power of visuals. At Lys.Fashion we are helping premium and niche fashion brands to take fully an advantage of the power of their images and videos to strengthen their B2B relationships and also to position themselves among a curated network of brands and retailers worldwide. For more information contact our CEO and Co-founder Patrick Billiet , patrick@lys.fashion or visit our website www.LysFashion.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/patrick-billiet-104121/