Dressing for a formal job interview is essential for making an excellent first impression. Now job interviews are being conducted by video, there is, even more, to think about when it comes to dressing to impress.

I am not suggesting you should not wear what you would typically wear for a formal job interview but interviewing on video is not the same as turning up in person. Traditionally your outfit will differ depending on the brand and job role. Still, it is especially tricky because, on video, the interviewer will not see your whole outfit. They will only see a small part of you, and the amount they do see will appear small on their screen. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are the focal point, and that nothing about your outfit or your background distracts the interviewer from YOU.

Black or many blue shades will look professional on video, but classic grey and green can work well. Dodge large colours like red, yellow, orange, and pink as they will not look good on the screen. Try to avoid large patterns, and if you wear a pattern, make sure it does not have a lot of contrast. Spots and stripes are a definite no-no! Avoid anything with a brand name on it, especially if it is a different brand to whom you are interviewing and avoid any lettering.

I would recommend you wear a solid, muted colour. Ladies, please do not wear large earrings, chunky jewellery, as the focus should be on the conversation and not your dangling earrings. Check that your outfit fits well, as an ill-fitting garment will be distracting, especially if you are interviewing for a buying or garment technologist role. If you are interviewing for a brand, where you would typically wear their clothes, make sure it looks professional and not in prints or bright colours.

If you are nervous about an interview, feeling confident about your outfit can help settle your nerves and help you feel ready to take on the challenge, so put some extra thought into your outfit when preparing for your interview.

Good luck from the team at Karen Collier Careers