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Pattern Cutter Jobs vacancies in Mile End

Pattern Cutter – The Job Role

After looking at the drawings created by the fashion designer, pattern cutters create the pattern pieces in the form of pattern blocks, pattern bases or pattern dummies, which are patterns that are draped over a dummy to give a sense of what the garment will look like. However, some pattern cutters use computer-generated models to get a sense of how the patterns will look. The pattern cutter also works with the machinist to create sample clothes so the fashion designers can determine if the patterns will work for the clothing line. The pattern designer works with the fashion designer to determine if the pattern sample will be worthy of becoming a final pattern.

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A pattern cutter’s job is to draw and cut out sets of patterns for specified ranges of garment sizes as well as grading (increasing or decreasing dimensions) a master pattern for each size within a set. Naturally as a pattern cutter you will have excellent technical knowledge and skill. In terms of progression, a senior pattern cutter is usually the next step. The senior pattern cutter supervises and coordinates the activities of workers engaged in marking, reproducing, and assembling paper garment patterns for use by manufacturers. They will also observe operations to verify that pattern parts are marked for fabric weave lines, coded to specifications, reproduced clearly, and assembled in specified order. The senior pattern cutter will also modify new patterns, using a superb knowledge of mathematics and pattern cutting principles. They will also determine layout for various pattern sizes to prevent waste and estimate material yardage required as well as training new pattern cutters to mark, reproduce, and assemble patterns. You would then work with designers and garment technologists to make any further adjustments or alterations to produce the final pattern. This is then passed to the pattern grader to resize as required before production begins. Skills and attributes.

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Pattern cutters should have an interest in fashion and have an eye for art. They must also have good analytical skills since they must be able to look at the fashion designer’s art and determine how the pattern is supposed to look. Computer skills are needed for those who use computers to design patterns. Pattern cutters are expected to work quickly because production deadlines often depend a quick turnaround.

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Pattern Cutter Jobs – Salary scales

Pattern Cutter £35k (approx)

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