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Victor Rosenberg

I work as an independent consultant, mentor & non-executive director within the fashion & clothing industry. I am called upon by both established companies requiring specialised assistance & by start-ups navigating the trade for the first time. I also speak at events & seminars designed to broaden understanding of clothing manufacturing.

With over 45 years of diverse industry experience at every level, from the factory floor to the boardroom, I can bring solutions to the many challenges my clients face.  I have a rare comprehension of the complete clothing production cycle from the initial design sketch through to delivery of the finished product to the customer.

I am a problem solver, easily approachable, with a hands-on attitude.

In addition to resolving the particular problems encountered, I enjoy teaching my clients how to fix things for themselves, thus passing on the wisdom & experience I have gained over the years.


I combine my understanding of operating clothing companies with my enjoyment of teaching & can add value to any business by my

  • hands-on guidance & leadership
  • skill in cutting costs & driving efficiencies
  • expertise in manufacturing, production & the supply chain
  • experience in sourcing, supplier relations & costing
  • in-depth knowledge of warehousing, pick & pack, imports & logistics
  • mentoring, counselling & trouble-shooting



  • guiding 3 founders with no prior experience of clothing, through from concept to successful launch within the last 18 months, all very different projects.
  • my success in turning around a loss-making organisation into a profitable, well managed business within 12 months of appointment
  • achieving a reduction in garment costs of 20% by working closely with suppliers on design & development


  • MD for Puffa Ltd (the iconic outerwear brand)
  • Owner/Manager of a CMT factory in London making luxury garments
  • Group Production Director for Tricoville PLC

Contact: vicrosenberg@hotmail.co.uk