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A couple of years ago I had a really good relationship with a premium brand where I would travel from Essex to London to attend regular meetings with both the decision makers and the HR Manager.  This ensured we understood the clients’ needs and to find them the best person for the job. Then, unfortunately, the HR Manager we were dealing with left the business and sent us details of their replacement. Within a week, I contacted the new HR manager to explain that we were already on their PSL and it would be great to meet them so that we could build up the same excellent working relationship that we had with their predecessor. I heard nothing back for months. I was being totally ignored and eventually I received a very stern email to say that they did not want to meet with me.


Excellent Customer Service – most good brands ensure that their shop staff are people persons and have excellent customer service skills. Shouldn’t good customer service skills begin at home? Should they not be setting an example? They are representing the brand no matter who the other person is on the end of the phone?

Relationship Building – I invested a lot of time getting to understand our clients’ needs and it’s a shame for all that knowledge and hard work to be dismissed just because the new HR Manager is not able to spend 15 mins on the phone to discuss how we have helped them in the past. Surely this would also help them to understand their new role?

Loyal Customer – I have been a loyal customer to this brand for many years. On my (Big) birthday I revamped my whole wardrobe and spent 3k on their products in just one season, so the person who is on the other end of the email or phone and is “just a recruitment agency” is probably also a very loyal customer. If I had been in their shop, spending money on a new wardrobe, there is no way they would ignore me or say they did not have time to speak to me. I have since stopped shopping at this brand, as to me the lovely warm fuzzy feeling I used to receive has now disappeared.

We all have tunnel vision sometimes.  Remember the recruitment consultant is just doing their job and they are probably a really loyal customer of yours.

Here, at Karen Collier Careers, we treat both candidates and clients in the same way, as they both add value to our business. In the same way, a recruitment consultant could be contributing to your business as a loyal customer.