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When I first set up my business, we used to take on all clients that came our way. We gained some wonderful clients, but there were also ones who would suck all of the energy out of us, which could have eventually destroyed the company.

Energy sucking vampires are clients who would come to you with a crucial job role to fill and ask you to send lots of CV’s straightaway. However, at Karen Collier Careers, we won’t just send irrelevant CV’s to our clients, hoping that one would stick.  We carefully select three to four suitable candidates for the role. The only way we could fulfil the client’s urgency was to spend days, evenings and weekends carefully selecting “right first time” candidates for them. Once we had worked incessantly on the role, we would hear nothing back for weeks only later to be told that the role had become less urgent or it had been cancelled.

I completely understand that circumstances can change, however, energy sucking vampires are incapable of seeing things from other people’s perspective.  This can have a huge impact on someone else’s business. It’s not just all the previous work that has already been carried out, it’s the hours spent trying to contact the client once they have gone radio silent. We also like to keep the candidates warm, whilst protecting the client’s brand image, as we know that our candidates would not want to work for a brand that does not have any empathy or core values.

How to Protect your Productivity against Energy Sucking Vampires:

  • Know when you see one.  The negative nature of energy sucking vampires is not always apparent when you first meet them. We meet all of our clients and have still been caught out.
  • Once you have identified them, just let them know you are not a good fit and move on. Not only will you feel better, but your days in the office will be much more enjoyable, productive and profitable.

I only started to put this process into practice last year after a cancer diagnosis.  I knew I was going to have to undergo a lot of treatment and my time was going to be very precious. I decided that in order to keep my businesses going during this time, I could not afford to work with energy sucking vampires where they were going to suck the energy from me, chemotherapy was going to do that! Once we had gone through all of our clients and decided who we wanted to work with, we were left with just the most wonderful clients. Not only did those clients give me positive energy going through treatment, we had one of the most happy, productive and financially healthy years for a long time.

I waited until I had a life changing experience to change the way we worked.  You can do this now!  You and your business will be healthier for it!!