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You’ve applied for the job and got yourself an interview. The hard work isn’t over yet though. Your prospective employer will be interviewing a number of candidates for the role. Chances are, they’re going to have very similar skills, qualifications and experience as you, so what’s going to make your interviewer choose you? The reality is that you’re going to need to sell yourself, show how you aren’t just better than the other candidates but that you are different, the solution to their needs. We take a look at some simple ways that you can do that.


Researching your prospective employer is crucial for any interview and you can guarantee that other candidates for the role will be doing the same thing. Therefore, regardless of whether you are going for a creative role or more business based role, you need to go the extra mile. Instead of just researching the company, what it does and its history, think about researching the market it operates in and their competitors. Get a full 360 view of the business and showcase your knowledge and apply it critically. This sort of attention to detail won’t fail to be noticed by your interviewers and can really set you apart from the competition.


Choosing the right words is important in an interview. But just as important is your nonverbal communication, also known as your body language. The fact is, you could be giving excellent answers to your interviewer’s questions, but if your body language isn’t right, it could be saying other things to your interviewer. Your body language needs to show that you are a confident and capable individual. If you are slumped, slouched in the chair, fidgeting or avoiding eye contact, these are all negative impressions to give-off, even if you’re in all other ways an excellent candidate. Always maintain good posture, smile, maintain eye contact when you shake hands and sit in a position that shows you are engaging with the conversation. Actions speak louder than words!

Know what your interviewers want… and give it to them. Perhaps the key to securing the role in question is to know and understand exactly what your interviewers want and then give it to them. You need to gain an insight into what the company expects to get out of employing you. What issues or problems will you help resolve? How will you make life easier for them? How will you make them a more profitable, growing business?

Once you know what your prospective employers’ ‘pain points’ are, you can the set about addressing them in the interview. Don’t talk too much about what you expect to get out of the role, instead show them how they will benefit. Think of yourself as a bit like a product, showcasing your features and highlighting your benefits.


Everyone makes claims in their interview about things they have done well. But the very best candidates provide proof. There’s nothing more impressive in an interview than documentary evidence of something you have achieved. This could be the completion of a particularly tough project to bring a new line into shops, a cost saving measure that you thought up and implemented or if you’re in sales, documentary evidence of your sales and bonuses achieved. Providing proof can really set you apart from your competitors and get you that job.


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