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At Karen Collier Careers, we often get asked if we have garment technologists on our books who specialise on all product areas, everything from True Knitwear to Outerwear. However, when a garment technologist is a specialist, they tend to be trained on one or two product areas rather than all product areas; what is that quote; “jack of all trades is a master of none”.

We have a lot of very experienced garment technologists on our books, who work on specialised products from Lingerie, Accessories, Knitwear, Sportswear, Tailoring, Soft Separates, Footwear and Beauty Products, and have had a successful career as a garment technologist.  They now want to work part-time.

This got me thinking!

Why is the fashion industry so fixated on having one full-time garment technologist, rather than having two part-time garment technologists who each specialise in very different product areas? In an industry where you are required to work long days, carry out frequent trips overseas and after-hours networking, the garment technologist will have the opportunity to spend some time relaxing, so they will be super productive in your business.

Garment Technologist Job Sharing Advantages:

  1. Both garment technologists will be experienced within different product areas so your company will have much better fitting garments across all of your merchandise.
  2. You will always have sickness and holiday cover, as both technologists can cover each other’s absences.
  3. They will be bringing different skills and knowledge to the design and buying teams and will learn about each other’s skills and knowledge. 
  4. The brand will receive twice the amount of experience gained from two people who have worked across different companies, bringing in more knowledge from the competition.
  5. There will be fewer issues finding good garment technologists as there are a lot of skilled garment technologists out there who are looking for part-time work. 
  6. The employer’s search will be wider, filling the role much quicker.
  7. Important technical skills will be kept within the fashion industry, as they won’t be looking for a part-time role within a different sector. Their knowledge can be passed down to the more junior members of the technical team.
  8. The work is being divided between two people, so the garment technologist will have a better balance at work, making them more productive.
  9. In order for the garment technologist to make such arrangements work, job sharers have to work hard and have very strong work ethics along with the ability to communicate the right way.
  10. Garment technologists will have a longer term career within the fashion industry, as they won’t need to take a career break for various reasons.

Garment Technologist Job Sharing Disadvantages:

  1. A garment may need to wait to be fitted until the appropriate garment technologist is back in the business, which could delay in a garment getting sealed on time.
  2. Having two garment technologists could incur extra administrative costs.
  3. If two people are sharing the same assignments, you have to ensure the two garment technologists get on with each other.
  4. Having two garment technologists working on the same role may lead into heavy competition.

As you can see, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.  If you are a brand who is willing to give this a try, please contact: theteam@karencolliercareers.co.uk and we can go through how this can work for your company.