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Don Jordan

I am CEO of Powerful Photography and my passion is to create powerful images that tell a story, your story.

Powerful Photography is made up of a team of professionals, with over 40 combined years of experience in photography and post production.

My passion for photography was ignited by my father, also a passionate photographer who would develop his own prints. (I can still remember the smell of the developing chemicals and the striking portraits he produced.)

These days, most people have digital cameras, always poised to take the next “selfie” or a shot of whatever happens to be on their plate but, what happens next?

Phones get filled with multiple images. Photos those that never make it onto social media for the “like” brigade are merely redundant, taking up valuable storage!

Let Powerful Photography’s wealth of experience and personalised customer service take away the burden of “What happens next?” We pride ourselves to bring to the fore imagery that lasts longer than a “swipe”…

We value the time spent getting to know our clients and what their needs and wants are. Through our complimentary personal consultation, we tailor our packages to suit client needs.

Whatever your ideals are, Powerful Photography is well-equipped to assist with social events, professional headshots, social media, commercial and portfolio websites http://thecastingservice.com

Our mantra is to provide quality customer service alongside a quality end product.

Contact us or make a booking at https://Powerfulphotography.co.uk we look forward to working with you.