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Here is a bit of background on Vinnitsa HK Ltd. We are a well-established, privately owned garment sourcing and production management company. We have long-standing clients, and our market in recent years till now has been mostly the UK, Australia, and Scandinavia. We like to forge long-term relationships centered around reliability and service. We work in both areas of woven and sweater knitted garments, which are quite diverse in style and technique. Our company currently has 18 staff in HK and China, and together we manage sourcing, production, quality control, and logistics for our clients, which range from small designer brands to larger multinational retailers.

We endeavor to give a personalised service so that each client comes to us for items that are particular to their individual needs—our main production hub in China. Due to our proximity to the workshops, we can well control our standards of quality. We understand that we need to be flexible with MOQ’s in this changing market. For our bridal styles, we can make as few as ten pieces (sometimes less, but ten pieces is a comfortable level) per style. This also applies to some of our gowns.

While most of our customers have their own design studios, we work with their designers to interpret their tech-packs and to clarify all details so that our prototypes are as close to the original concept as possible. We have also in the past been asked to assist with design, which we are happy to do on an ad hoc basis. We do not produce our own collection; instead, we prepare hangers or mock-ups which show different techniques and stitches for both woven and sweater knit items. We have two teams who specialise in both of these areas.

We work with printing mills who print using both digital and screen methods. We have embroidery workshops that can treat piece-goods as well as individual garment panels with embellishments. We have digital pattern making and marker systems that should be able to receive files from our clients’ studios. Most of our fabrics are sourced locally in Asia; however, we often use European materials, which we import to our factories for conversion into ready-made garments. We take the task of quality assurance in our processes very seriously, and nothing is ever shipped until it has been thoroughly inspected. Depending on the order size, we either work on 100% inspections or if the orders are large, we perform checks on randomly selected cross-sections of all sizes and colours.

We acknowledge that there are many challenges that our industry is faced with within the area of sustainability and carbon footprint. While we do not have control over fabric that our clients select for their collections, we try to suggest materials that are more sustainable and made with natural fibres, whenever it is possible to use them. We do have control over packaging materials used, and we are proud to say that Vinnitsa HK Ltd. is now only using polybags that are landfill friendly (i.e., decompose fully within 24 months of being in a landfill). We continue to look at ways to reduce waste, and we are also working with local NGO’s that are industry-specific, to minimise the waste produced in our workshops.

That is us, in a nutshell! We would welcome any inquiries, and as we are gearing up now for our next seasons’ sourcing, so we think this would be an excellent time to see if there is anything we can help you with.

Please contact: rosclark@vinnitsa.com.hk or go to http://www.vinnitsa.com.hk