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Recruiting the right talent for your business is crucial if it is to grow, be successful and thrive. Whilst the fashion industry may be one of the most popular industries for people to work in, it’s also one of the most competitive which means the competition for talent is intense. If you’re struggling to attract top talent and employ the people that you need to drive your business forward then maybe it’s time to consider employing the special skills of a dedicated fashion recruiter.

We can help you identify talent


As specialist fashion recruiters, we are perfectly placed to be ‘in the know’ to identify the very best talent for your vacant position.

Once you have identified your vacancy and established criteria for the role, a specialist fashion recruiter can set about finding suitable people for the position. The ideal candidate is often not someone who is actively looking for a new role but who would be open to one if the right opportunity presented itself. If you’re recruiting directly, how are you going to find and engage with this sort of candidate? Specialist fashion recruiters like ourselves have strong and extensive networks of both active and passive candidates and can zero-in on your ideal person whether they are looking for a new job or not.

Targeted advertising of your vacancy

There was once a time when recruitment was a lot more straightforward. It was simply the case of putting a good advert into a relevant industry publication and you would be inundated with a selection of good quality applicants. However, since the advent of the internet and social media, the landscape has changed and has become much more fragmented. There is now a bewildering choice of job boards and publications to advertise vacancies, as well as a wide variety of social media channels that can also be used for recruitment.


Do you know the best ones to use? The ones which your target candidates are using? We do, and this means we can ensure you get a small, select number of candidates who fit the skills, experience and qualifications that you require.

Significant time and cost savings

When looking at costs, it needs to be proportioned to two things. Firstly, the price associated with advertising your vacancy and the time spent by you and your employees trying to find the perfect match for you vacancy. Advertising on job boards is costly, and if you’re advertising on the wrong ones where your target candidates are not looking then it’s simply money wasted. However, it’s the time spent by you and your staff when recruiting directly that can be the biggest cost. Recruitment can be very labour intensive, and every minute that you or your staff are writing job ads, sifting through piles of CVs or ringing people to arrange interviews is time that could be so much better spent doing what you should be doing, running your business. When you take all of this into account, outsourcing your recruitment to specialists like ourselves is not a cost, it’s actually an investment.

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