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Womenswear Senior Buyer Job Vacancies in Dubai UAE

A fashion buyer has to know, intuitively and through research, what looks and trends are going to be in fashion in the coming season.

Fashion buyers purchase women’s, men’s and children’s clothing for both retail and wholesale stores. In smaller stores, fashion buyers are responsible for buying the entire inventory. Chain stores often have buyers in the firm’s head office who select products to be used in all of the firm’s stores.

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When purchasers come up with a buying plan, they think about the customer’s needs, fashion trends, potential suppliers and prices. A buyer must make sure that the department or store will make a profit from their purchases. In order to know what to purchase, a fashion buyer analyzes market reports, talks to consultants, goes to fashion shows and keeps in touch with customers.

Buyers attend trade shows and meet sales representatives.

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When making a purchase, buyers base their decisions on price, availability, reliability and selection. , Fashion buyers who work for larger stores can also spend much of their time tracking inventory and shifting stock between stores.

During their busy workdays, buyers will meet with vendors, sales representatives and store managers.

A flair for colour and design is very important in this field. In addition to being creative, buyers must be analytical, well organized and good at basic arithmetic .Buyers often visit trade shows, factories, fashion shows and manufacturers’ offices.

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Fashion buyers usually require retail experience gained by working as Sales personnel in the area they would eventually like to become a fashion buyer for.

Buyers need to have a passion for clothing/fashion in general They are also well organized and decisive.

Buyers enjoy meeting with many different people and are comfortable negotiating with suppliers.

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