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Client Services

Why collaborate with us?

Our professional reputation in successfully placing people in the correct positions is a testament to our personalized approach. We attract high-calibre candidates by putting a clear brief for each role and profoundly understanding our client’s business needs and company culture. In every case, we're not just looking for a fit; we’re looking for the perfect fit: someone who will excel in the job and make a significant difference to our client’s business. When a client meets with our candidates, whom we have carefully selected for a role, we are confident they have already been efficiently matched.

Our approach is not about quantity but quality. We only send a small number of selected candidates for each role, ensuring that each is a potential match. On permanent positions, the efficiency standard we aim to reach is a ratio of 3:1 – for every three candidate curriculum vitae our client sees; they will make an offer to one of them. We work to 2:1 for temporary roles. Still, we would generally reach 1:1, and quite a few of our contractors will get offered temporary to permanent positions because they become valued members of our client’s team. This success rate is a testament to our commitment to finding the right fit for both parties.

At Karen Collier Careers, we believe in the importance of balance. Our careful matching process ensures that both employers and employees are happy to return to us time after time. We are here to help them find the perfect or ideal employee. Candidate service is as important to us as client service, so each selected to join our talent pool is looked after with the same excellent service we offer our clients. This commitment to balance is what sets us apart.