Conner Ives

Committed to Making the Fashion Industry more Eco-Friendly

Last Friday, I attended a fashion talk at Soho House with Teo van den Broeke, Global Editorial Director of Soho House, and Conner Ives, an American designer based in London. Conner Ives has already accomplished a lot at a young age. 


Originally from New York, he relocated to London in 2014 to study at Central Saint Martins. Conner graduated in 2020 with a BA in Fashion Womenswear. Conners's design process is fuelled by his childhood memories and inspired by the girls and women he grew up with. He aims to tell their stories through his work. 


After graduation, he built a life in London and decided to stay where he could access the support and resources he needed to thrive creatively. Conner highly regards London as a creative hub with ample support from the city's unique Fashion Council. He appreciates the education system in London and considers it an honour to be a part of its fabric.


Since founding his label, he adopted a unique strategy to establish his team at his design studio. He firmly believes that diversity is the cornerstone of any successful business. Rather than surrounding himself with like-minded individuals, Conner seeks out those who challenge him. He values his team's input, recognising the importance of constructive criticism and inclusive viewpoints. This approach ensures he receives the best ideas and perspectives, propelling his company to heights.


Conner was taken aback by the amount of clothing waste he witnessed in the fashion industry. Overflowing bins of unused materials served as a stark reminder of the potential for waste when businesses focus too narrowly on specific aspects of their operations. Therefore, he has prioritised designing ethical and sustainable clothing. He brings nostalgia to life by using vintage garments as raw material. Most of his collection is made from dead-stock or vintage clothes. Conner feels a profound responsibility to elevate the identity of regenerated items, making his designs desirable and responsible.


Conner is a visionary leader dedicated to helping the fashion industry become more environmentally conscious. Despite being only 24, he has already significantly impacted the industry. Conner's exceptional talent for creating positive change is undeniable, and I do not doubt that he will achieve remarkable things. I am eagerly following his journey and cannot wait to see the incredible impact he will make on the fashion industry.