How a "Wild Card" Candidate Became a Long-Term Success

The Power of Thinking Outside the Box in Recruitment

Over four years ago, a client approached Karen Collier Careers to fill a merchandising role for their renowned, award-winning pyjama brand outside of London. Despite the challenge of a smaller candidate pool, the client wanted candidates with prior merchandising experience in the fashion industry.


At Karen Collier Careers, we prioritise quality over quantity, presenting only four carefully selected CVs per role. Three candidates align closely with the job criteria, while the fourth is our "wild card"—a candidate with transferable skills who may not fully match the brief but fit the salary and location requirements.


When we presented our client with the four candidates, they dismissed the fourth CV as not fitting the brief. However, after I explained the potential I saw in this candidate, they agreed to an interview.


As it turned out, the client hired this "wild card" candidate, and four years and five months later, they are still thriving in the company. With over 30 years of industry experience, we pride ourselves on thinking outside the box to match skills and personality, ensuring long-term success in the fashion industry.


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