Support a Worthy Cause

Discover the Luxurious and Eco-Friendly Alpaca Fleece!

Are you seeking high-quality, sustainable, eco-friendly fibre for your crafting needs? Look no further! Walking with Alpacas Lincolnshire Rescue offers the perfect alpaca fleece for you. They are excited to provide a range of fleece cuts to suit every purpose, from crafting to gardening. Here's a detailed look at what is available:


Firsts (blanket cut) - £10 per Bag

Their first cut, often called the blanket cut, is the crème de la crème of alpaca fleece. This is the softest and finest fleece part, perfect for creating luxurious garments and accessories. Each bag is carefully cleaned and packaged in its paper bag to ensure the highest quality.


Seconds (legs and necks) - £5 per Bag

They also have seconds available, sorted by colour. This Fleece comes from the leg and neck areas and is perfect for various uses, including felting, spinning, and knitting. Choose from white, cream, brown, or black to suit your project's needs. Each bag is filled with quality fleece.


Thirds (Mixed Fleece) - £3 per Bag

Their thirds are mixed, Fleece. Fleece is ideal for mulch or other garden uses. This bag is perfect for enhancing their garden with an eco-friendly, natural material. Alpaca fleece mulch is known for retaining moisture and suppressing weeds, making it a fantastic addition to any garden.


Why Choose Alpaca Fleece?


Soft and Luxurious: Alpaca fleece is lightweight and warmer than sheep's wool. It's hypoallergenic and doesn't contain lanolin, making it suitable for sensitive skin.


Durable and Strong: Alpaca fleece is solid and durable despite its softness, ensuring its garments and products are long-lasting.


Thermal Insulation: Alpaca fleece offers excellent thermal insulation, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


Eco-Friendly: Alpacas have a gentle impact on the environment. Their soft, padded feet do not damage the ground, and their grazing habits promote healthy pastures. The Fleece itself is biodegradable and sustainable.


Versatile Uses: Alpaca fleece is versatile and can be used in numerous applications, from crafting luxurious garments to providing excellent garden mulch.


Supporting a Worthy Cause


Every penny from selling this Fleece goes directly into the pot to cover the food and vet bills for rescued alpacas. By purchasing their fleece, you get a high-quality, eco-friendly product that supports the well-being and care of these beautiful, rescued animals.


To purchase or for more information, please contact Walking with Alpacas Lincolnshire Rescue via Facebook.


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