Navigating Recruitment Challenges in Fashion: Insights from a Recent Exchange

Understanding the Value of Quality Service

Yesterday, I had an enlightening email exchange with the newly appointed leader of a prominent fashion brand struggling to find suitable candidates for key roles.

I congratulated them on their new position and offered Karen Collier Careers' recruitment services. Their initial response focused on our fees and the clients we have worked with rather than our approach.

I explained that we prefer to discuss fees after having a detailed conversation about the specific needs and requirements of the roles. This approach ensures we can deliver a tailored service that perfectly meets their expectations. Additionally, we uphold strict client confidentiality and do not disclose our clients' identities.

They responded with a succinct request for our fee structure. While I understand the importance of budgeting, it is disheartening to see cost prioritised over quality service. Our fees are industry standard, and choosing an agency based on lower fees often means less time and effort are invested in finding the perfect candidate. Just as investing in a higher-priced garment ensures durability and long-term value, selecting the right recruitment partner ensures access to the best candidates and long-term success.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about our services or if we can help you find the ideal candidate for your organisation.


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