Untapped Creatives

Inaugural Panel and Showcase at Soho House

I had the privilege of attending Untapped Creatives' inaugural Panel and Showcase at Soho House on Tuesday, 14th May. The event was a testament to the incredible talent and inspiration emerging African Luxury Fashion Designers bring to the fashion industry.

In 2020, Funmi Scott launched Untapped Creatives, a platform aimed at addressing the inequalities faced by the Black community. This initiative has already made significant strides, with Selfridges partnering with Untapped Creatives and introducing Black-owned businesses to its stores.

It's inspiring to see the talented African luxury fashion designers who exclusively use high-quality end-of-life fabrics from mills' end-of-rolls. These fabrics have been sitting unused in warehouses in countries like France and Italy. The garments are made in the UK to create limited edition and bespoke pieces, avoiding mass production. Additionally, they utilise traditional African crafting techniques passed down through generations to tell their story through fashion.

Independent brands offer greater transparency, allowing consumers to trace the fabric's origin and the production location for their products. There is a growing trend of valuing high-quality, well-crafted pieces over numerous cheap items with a short lifespan when purchasing clothing. This shift in perspective reduces waste and brings a sense of fulfilment to consumers who enjoy discovering something exceptional.

As a fashion recruiter, I'm always excited to see new talent entering the fashion industry. There is so much to learn from these fresh perspectives. Small, independent brands have the potential to bring about positive change in the industry. I'm eager to witness the impact they will make with their determination, dedication, and unique approach. The event was a beacon of hope, showcasing the potential for positive change in the fashion industry.

I want to thank everyone at Untapped Creatives; you are all truly unique. The energy, passion, and creativity that filled the room left me incredibly excited and privileged to be there.